Favorite Shots of 2016 Pt. 1 of 4

    Alright, well hello everyone! With 2017 hot on our heels, I have started a blog. My first posts will involve looking back over this year at the different projects that I have shot and breaking down my favorite shots and describing their inspiration and execution. 

This first frame comes from a short scene study I shot last spring during my last semester at Columbia College Chicago. This shot is the final frame of the film: a slow push in as the protagonist walks into her room after a very emotional breakup.

Looking at lighting:

   Believe it or not, but this shot’s main inspiration for lighting was the new age horror film, It Follows. Specifically, this shot:

It Follows (2014)

     I wanted the lighting to be soft and warm while at the same time really highlighting our main character. A large motif in this film was isolation. We shot this film in a high rise apartment in downtown Chicago, and after our location scout, I had the idea that in this last shot we could use the buildings outside the window as an emphasis of loneliness. At the end of the film, our character is lying down with only the company of what might as well be stars across the blackness of space outside her window. Here is an overhead layout of what he had at play.

Lighting Overhead

     Camera: Canon C100

     Lens: 24 - 70mm EF L series

First post down! I plan on getting better at these as I go along so stay tuned.